Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery refers to the last leg of supply chain operations. Vaegam Logistics can deliver a product’s journey from a warehouse to the doorstep of the end-customer. 

This last step of the delivery process is most critical and should be well managed for speedy shipping.  

Increasing consumer demand has led to businesses strategizing this critical step for a quick and efficient shipment. 

Be it personal residence or retail store, the final destination of the supply chain should be covered at lightning fast speed, in order to churn out more and more delighted customers. 

Final mile also happens to be the most expensive leg of the journey from the transportation hub to its ultimate destination, thereby need of resource optimization should be the key focus area.



Vaegam Follows these Seven Major Steps to make your Last Mile Delivery Process Seamless and flawless


  • Concentrating all coordinated factors information
  • Providing real-time driver tracking
  • Computerizing conveyance status changes
  • Further developing correspondence with drivers
  • Screen driver execution
  • Offer more decision and accommodation
  • Mechanize course arranging and driver dispatch



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