Management Marketing Trainee - Vacancy

Domestic Logistics Sales/Marketing Trainee Job Description

  • Responsible for developing a plan to achieve sales target
  • Responsible for carrying out prospecting calls
  • Responsible for establishing and managing relationships with customers in need of the firm’s Goods transportation services
  • Maintain consistently positive interactions to nurture customer relationships
  • Take ownership of customer issues and follow-through till resolution
  • Represent the firm in negotiating and building relationship with shippers and carriers
  • Responsible for aiding successful pick-up and delivering, and over the road assistance while customers’ Goods moves across Indian roadways
  • Perform Cold-calling and work to build a book of businesses.


Logistics Sales/Marketing Trainee Skills and Background

Education: For a domestic logistics sales/marketing trainee, we prefer individuals with a Bachelor’s degree. A minimum of High School diploma is also acceptable

Knowledge: Logistics sales executive must have good understanding of sales concepts, methods, and techniques. Also, having a proven record of sales success and in-depth knowledge of logistics products and services is a plus to an applicant

Interpersonal skills: Networking and relationship building are vital to getting referrals and successfully closing sales. Hence to succeed as a logistics sales/marketing executive, individuals must be able to develop strong business relationships within all levels of the company and with potential and existing clients

Computer skills: It is important for logistics sales/marketing trainee to have PC skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office applications. They should also be willing to learn new programs and logistics applications

Communication skill: Communication, whether it is via email, phone, or face-to-face is crucial in making a sale. To succeed as a logistics sales/marketing executive, applicants must have excellent verbal communication skills to convey information on the company’s solutions to clients and prospects, as well as to provide customer support as needed

Time management and ability to multitask: Applicants for the logistics sales/marketing executive role must be able to schedule their daily activities, including customer visits in an optimal manner. It is also important for them to be skilled in handling multiple tasks, such as making phone calls and sending emails or instant messages to co-workers simultaneously

Team player: It is important that they can work and contribute in a team oriented environment

Negotiation skills: Logistics sales/marketing executives are responsible for giving quotes to clients, as well as negotiating with shippers and carriers. Therefore, it is essential that they can influence clients taking a position that confers maximum benefit to the company.

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